Why it Works

Smart Teams is built on common-sense beliefs.

Team members are adults

Rather than exploring irrelevant content, Smart Teams builds sensible smart ways to work, valuing your teams’ unique way of doing things. You will extend and optimise your best techniques, while re-thinking your current patterns of teamwork.

 People work in “the Gap”

There is a gap between action and intention. When we have intentions that are not executed, we experience frustration. Similarly if we are so very busy with actions that we are not completing the tasks we intended, we experience a different type of stress. Smart Teams helps you to close the gap between intention and action in each area of your work.


When people are busy, the budget is tight, or the environment is changing, we don’t have time for superfluous ideas or skills that are just interesting, (but not useful). We just want to know what works.

Downskilling is getting down to the skills that actually help you. We prioritise and install the actions and team patterns which are going to make your life easier at work. Smart Teams has developed this approach having worked with hundreds of people who are committed to not wasting time on anything that doesn’t actually work.

Benefits Need to be Practical!

Most people enjoy discussing theories and concepts to some extent but at the end of the day people want to know what is going to make their life easier at work. Smart Teams provides a smorgasbord of techniques and decisions which help you get your individual and team’s work done, working smarter.

Good intentions need to be followed by actions. Working Smarter!