Advanced Interactional Skills

…time to upgrade your influencing skills

Why is it that some interactions go according to plan, and others seem to not quite “click”?

Socially Intelligent Interactions are based on the idea that Social and Emotional Intelligence is even more important as the workplace changes, and becomes more flexible; that there is a fundamental need to develop and maintain teams and their talent.

Most influencing approaches have been focused on the individual’s ability to make an impact.

Smart teams however, identifies practical strategies for the whole team to engage in mutually beneficial relationship-building.

You will get practical approaches to

  • developing and maintaining professional relationships at work
  • reading your team-culture
  • coping with setbacks, and understanding other people’s perspective
  • taking appropriate initiative in relationships
  • practical listening and empathy skills
  • “reading”  other people in team meetings, discussions, and online interactions
  • improving problem-solving skills
  • managing assertiveness strategies which are situationally-appropriate
  • effective optimism strategies

You and your colleagues will master the interactional challenges in each aspect of work (electronic, social and personal) to boost team performance