These days, project management is everyone’s business.  No-one has just one task to manage

You don’t have to be qualified to benefit from common-sense practical techniques of self-management.

Many studies have shown that there is an inverse relationship between anxiety and control.

When control goes up, anxiety goes down. When control goes down, anxiety goes up.

If people feel relentlessly out of control or overworked other significant issues often emerge. Anxiety, stress, low morale and sub-optimal team interactions are often signals that people are feeling out of control at work. Smart Teams focusses team interactions on increasing your sense of mastery over your:

  • team relationship-management
  • online interactions
  • collaborative planning processes
  • execution of plans
  • time-critical interactions
  • stakeholder relationships

Smart Teams explores and clarifies team and individual approaches to managing and controlling your achievements.
The average pay-off from Smart Teams is a reported minimum 30% increase in feelings of control over planned implementation.