Smart Teams actually works. I have been to heaps of training courses but only this one is 100% applicable to my work. I did Smart Teams 6 months ago and I still am reaping the benefits. It helped me save time.

Team member in second year of work

I had no idea there were so many ways I could be working smarter. Before I did smart teams with my team I was working 10 + hours per day. I am now much more in control of electronic workload and I actually get home earlier!

Senior Executive, managing more than 60 staff


I recommend this training. It was practical to my projects and assisted measurably in the re-alignment of a project which was nearly de-railed.

Project Manager in fast-paced environment

By Doing Smart Teams my leadership team and I are communicating much better. We have developed systems and processes that monitor and track the numerous deadlines in my Branch. As a result we are performing to expectations with more focus.

Senior Manager, with executive team of 4

As Team Leader I saved more than $10,000 by putting my team through Smart Teams. Instead of making a costly software purchase we were shown how to use existing tools, in a “smart” way to achieve the same outcome. This course actually saved me money.

Middle manager, Customer Service Area

Staff cuts and forced budget squeezes meant we had less resources but the same amount of work. The smart teams process gave us practical clever ways of keeping the work going which increased our team capacity.

Team Leader