Intention and Action- Get these two right; and the rest will follow

What is Smart Teams?

Teamwork  + Smart work  = Smart teams

Smart Teams gives you and your colleagues smarter ways to work so that teamwork is focused and in control

Smart Teams helps you control the work environment rather than being controlled by it. You explore practical, shared approaches and effective techniques that actually work.

Common sense tells us that team achievements do not happen in isolation. So rather than individuals having dispersed approaches Smart Teams harnesses the dynamics of teamwork in a collegial performance-oriented way.

Smart teamwork helps you to actually do what you intend to do, as well as maintain and manage work relationships.

Most Smart-Teams say they are more in control of their teamwork, have less anxiety and give and receive more practical support to colleagues, in person and electronically. Working smarter!

We work with you to help your team focus together on progressing objectives and coordinate effort toward the common purpose.

In the process you will get to know each other better and be able to resolve issues fast, get back on track, and operate as a high-performing team.


Why it works

Rather than exploring irrelevant content, Smart Teams builds sensible smart ways to work, valuing your unique way of doing things.

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How it works

Smart Teams gives you the best of time management, project management, Outlook training (or Lotus Notes), personality development and team building.

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What you get

By the end of the first session you will have taken measurable steps to work smarter.

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Read what our clients are saying about Smart Teams.

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I had no idea there were so many ways I could be working smarter. Before I did smart teams with my team I was working 10 + hours per day. I am now much more in control of electronic workload and I actually get home earlier!–Senior Executive, managing more than 60 staff

As Team Leader I saved more than $10,000 by putting my team through Smart Teams. Instead of making a costly software purchase we were shown how to use existing tools, in a “smart” way to achieve the same outcome. This course actually saved me money.–Middle manager, Customer Service Area

I recommend this training. It was practical to my projects and assisted measurably in the re-alignment of a project which was nearly de-railed.–Project Manager in fast-paced environment